California Killing Spree is a 2011 American horror movie that stars Alexandra Daddario and Kyle Gallner. This film is 123 minutes, 157 minutes in directors cut. The film is followed by California Killing Spree 2 and California Killing Spree 3.



Main Cast

  • Alexandra Daddario as Callie Davis
  • Kyle Gallner as Brody Whelter
  • Emma Roberts as Chloe Kalford
  • Kristen Stewart as Heather Wayland
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Melanie Chrensaw
  • Jamie Johnston as Jacob Lauterbach
  • Rory Culkin as Matthew Elmore
  • Zac Efron as Andrew Smith

Supporting Cast

  • Emily Mortimer as Danielle Davis
  • Stefan Brogren as Anthony Whelter


  • Jake Abel as Luis Jefferson, killed 6
  • Thomas Dekker as Freddy Boldman, killed 4

Deleted ScenesEdit

  • At least 21 scenes were cut from the movie.
  • Guard Duty - TBA

Alternate EndingEdit