California Killing Spree is a horror movie franchise that started in 2011. This is the first movie series produced by Green Square Productions. The whole franchise is a total of 389 minutes.



In June 2013, a fourth installment was announced along with the third installment coming out in Novmeber 2013. It was also announced to have 4 more films in the series. In June 2014, director Jesus Agustin announced to release to the alternate version of California Killing Spree. The alternate version will have 46 minutes of alternate footage and will be released on October 10, 2014.

Spin-off and RemakeEdit

In June 2014, Mark Reynoso decided to do a remake of California Killing Spree. Reynoso also announced to do a spin-off film that features a different set of characters and a new story line. Reynoso hasn't brought the right to do the remake.

Cast Edit

Character Film
California Killing Spree
California Killing Spree 2
California Killing Spree 3
California Killing Spree 4
California Killing Spree 5
Callie Davis Alexandra Daddario  
Brody Whelter Kyle Gallner
Chloe Kalford Emma Roberts   Emma Roberts  
Heather Wayland Kristen Stewart   Kristen Stewart  
Melanie Chrensaw Jennifer Lawrence   Jennifer Lawrence
Jacob Lauterbach Jamie Johnston  
Matthew Elmore Rory Culkin   Rory Culkin  
Andrew Smith Zac Efron   Zac Efron


  • Califronia Killing Spree 5: September 2008.
  • California Killing Spree 4: October 18-24, 2009.
  • California Killing Spree: November 23-28, 2010.
  • California Killing Spree 2: April 16-22, 2011.
  • California Killing Spree 3: November 18-28, 2011.