This page full of Villans from Bad Killers


Season 1Edit

Scott AndersonEdit

Scott Anderson is the first killer of the whole series who is played by Shane Kippel. Scott is a 18 year old high school senior. Scott committed a killing spree because of his stress. He also struggles with Bipolar Disorder. In the episode It Stops, Scott was shot by police.

  • Zachary Logan
  • Daisy Thompson
  • Christopher Harris
  • Richard Burke
  • Tiffany Nichols
  • David Smith
  • Angelina Willows
  • Joshua Marks

In the original idea for the pilot episode he committed suicide by jumping off the school roof and lands on the sidewalk.

Howard BrukeEdit

Howard Bruke is a 32 year old is a man who kills his work mates.

  • Pamela Long
  • Angie Ramos